Freedom Fighters

On the eve of the outbreak of 1857, the district was in the charge of T.K. Lloyd; while in the Civil Lines the military force consisted of a detachment of the 56th Native Infantry whose headquarters were at Kanpur.

Early in June, 1857 the villagers of Ramari manifested a yearning for freedom before the actual struggle of the outbreak on the 13th of June 1857. On that day the guard at the treasury revolted and made for the house of the collector, while some freedom fighters released the prisoners at the jail. The Europeans who could, escaped while others were killed. Lloyd (collector) and Grant (joint magistrate) hid themselves in some caster-oil fields and swam down with the current of the river to the junction of the Betwa and the Yamuna, 5 km. below the town of Hamirpur. Alhirs discovered Loyd's place of concealment and reported it to the freedom fighters who captured Llyod and Grant and escorted them back to the cutcherry compound, where they were shot.

Due to contribution of freedom fighters, Hamirpur had proud of being of independent during 13th June 1857 to 24th may 1858.

On the occasion of celebration of Silver Jubilee year of Independence in 1973, 323 persons of district, who had taken part in India's freedom struggle were granted tamra patras placing on record the part played by them in the country�s freedom struggle.

Prominent freedom fighters of the district