The District Headquarter Hamirpur is situated between two rivers Yamuna and Betwa and District Court compound situated on the bank of river Yamuna. In the year 1956 Hamirpur Judgeship was an outlying Court of Banda Judgeship with a single civil & sessions Judge Court. In the year of 1969 Shri Jagdish Sharma was appointed as first District Judge in the Hamirpur Judgeship on 02.12.1969, that days Mahoba was an outlying Court of Hamirpur Judgeship but in the year 1997 Mahoba Outlying Court was reported and constituted into a new District Court from Hamirpur Judgeship. Now Hamirpur Judgeship has two Outlying Courts Rath and Maudaha. The Outlying Court at Rath sanctioned vide GO No. UO-04/VII- nyay-9(budget)-99-391/7 dated 31.03.1999 and outlying Court at Maudaha sanctioned vide G.O. No.5928/VII-nyay-2 (subordinate Court)/99-43G/97 dated April 13, 2000. At present 16 Courts are running in Hamirpur Judgeship which includes two outlying Courts.