Tourist Places

Shri Siddhapeeth Mumukshu Ashram (Gaura Devi)
Category Religious

Shri Siddhapeeth Mumukshu Ashram (Gaura Devi) is the place of about 250 years old Gaura Devi Siddhapeeth and Lord Shankar…

Sisolar’s Temples and Mausoleums
Category Religious

The famous religious place by the name of Maharaj Baba is the Paramandir and the Samadhi Sthal. Maharaj Baba had…

Shri Banke Bihari Temple
Category Religious

Village Gahrauli of Shri Banke Bihari Mandir Muskra development block, which is the most populated village of the district. Built…

Maa Mahakali Siddha Peeth Temple Ramgarh Fort
Category Religious

Situated in Ramgarh Danda, situated in Hamirpur district, bordering Jhansi district, on the banks of the Dhasan river, there is…

Shri Narasimha Bhagwan Temple (Singran)
Category Religious

This temple is situated in the small hill of Lord Narasimha. The atmosphere here is very pleasant, it is the…

Quadrilateral Baba Vishnu Mandir Beera (Birwahi)
Category Religious

This ancient temple is a rare specimen of Chandel period sculpture. The original temple was built about 1000 years ago…

Pashupati Temple
Category Religious

The main building of Pashupati temple is two-storey which is built in about 400 square meters. Below the temple is…

Yamuna Pathway
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Hamirpur is situated between Yamuna and Betwa river. The Yamuna Pathway is the center of attraction for people in the…

Kariyari’s Monastery
Category Religious

Chandela period ancient monastery, which has been built by carving granite rocks. These rocks have been carved from outside and…

Kardam Rishi’s Ashram
Category Religious

Situated on the banks of the Betwa river, there is a delightful place in Kadaura village, which is famous by…