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Yamuna Pathway

Yamuna Pathway

Hamirpur is situated between Yamuna and Betwa river. The Yamuna Pathway is the center of attraction for people in the morning and evening. The reason for this is that there are hundreds of colorful exotic birds here, which force people to stand unintentionally. People are enjoying it by standing silently for hours watching the birds chirping and playing in the water of Yamuna. In the winter season, the temperature goes up to -30 degrees in the Siberian province of Russia. For this reason, the birds here move to less cold countries like India. Hundreds of such migratory birds also reach the Yamuna Pathway. Among them are rare and on the verge of extinction Siberian duck, goose, teal, China duck, red and black head birds are also there. The beautiful view of sunrise and sunset in the morning and evening from the Yamuna Pathway is worth seeing.


Kalpa Vriksha

A rare ancient and mythical Kalpa Vriksha is situated on the banks of river Yamuna near Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi at the headquarters of Hamirpur city. The height of this tree is not very high, but its diameter is quite large. In the month of September, it bears large white flowers. This rare tree has a medicinal value from the point of view of Ayurveda. This tree originated in the forest of Africa, and it is found somewhere in India. It is also called as Kalpadruma and is a godly tree in Hinduism.The kalpavriksha was born during the churning of the ocean according to the Hindu tradition or Samudra Manthan. The wish rewarding cow kamadhenu was born along with the tree. The tree was then taken to heaven by Lord Indra and planted it over there. According to the Hindu tradition, there are five kalpavrikshas, the Mandana, Santana, kalpavrikhsa, parijata and harichandana. They fulfilled the wishes of the Gods and out of hate and jealousy, the demons struck wars with them.

Kalpvriksha Front View image

Kalp Vriksha